Pay For Leads... Not Clicks

Guarantee Your Cost Per Lead By Paying For Traffic That Results In A Lead Conversion. Never Pay For Clicks Again!

YES! I Want Targeted LEADS

Are you part of an online business opportunity, mlm, network marketing program, or even running your own opportunity program that you need to generate consistent daily leads for but you don't know how and more importantly you cannot afford to generate hundreds of leads per day because let's face it... qualified leads are not cheap!

If this is what you have been struggling with; then I am confident I can help you!

I don't care what business opportunity you are part of or whether you are running solo with your own business opportunity. Either way you need to be generating leads into your business funnel or downline and you need to be doing it daily.

How Will This Help You Grow Your Bottom Line?

We all know and understand that having a good offer or opportunity is very important however we also know and I am sure you heard this before; and that is your marketing should be just as good if not better than your offer/opportunity.

You Must Follow The 80/20 Rule

it's sad but true however every successful entrepreneur knows that you should only focus 20% of your efforts on refining your product/service/offer/opportunity over time.

And you should put the majority of your efforts (80%) on your marketing (lead generation). Because without leads; and daily consistent sales; you can't focus on refining your offer, if no one is buying it.

Here Is The Only Solution To Your Problem

As I said earlier, the key to running a successful business and making a substantial income is you need to be generating hundreds of leads into your funnel on a daily basis. However generating this many leads is expensive for many people starting out online.

The whole idea of starting an online business is to change your life, your circumstance, quit your job, become your own boss, or simply just make more money!

However as an entrepreneur you need to understand that you must spend money to make money.. The Irony right 🙂

However it does not have to cost you an arm and a leg to be able to generate consistent daily leads.

Here Is Exactly How It Works.

  • 1

    Provide Information About Your Offer

    Providing information about your offer helps us pair your offer with the perfect lead magnet from our library of high converting lead magnets.

  • 2

    Provide Your Optin Form Code

    I would need you to provide me with your optin html code. This is the optin form code you get from your autoresponder service which we will then place our lead magnet so when we send traffic to the lead magnet, all the leads generated will all go into your autoresponder right away.

  • 3

    Choose Your Leads Package

    Then choose how many leads you like me to generate for you and you're all set. I will take care of the rest. We setup your traffic campaign and generate leads for you. You just sit back and wait for your results to roll in.

100% Legit - 100% Legal - 100% Compliant With All Can Spam Act Rules & Regulations

We make every effort to ensure all our traffic, and every lead generated follows all the rules and guidelines of the can spam act. If you like to learn more please go through our privacy policy and terms of service pages.

$2 Per High Targeted Qualified Lead That Is Willingly Opting Into Your Email List

To begin with, I have never heard of a high quality traffic program that charges you per lead generated. They all charge for number of email clicks delivered without any guarantees whether you will generate any leads or get any results at all. This is nothing good or bad rather its jus how it works. This is the nature of the transaction when you are paying for traffic only.

But with this deal, you pay for email leads not for traffic. The pricing model is very simple. You pay $2 for every lead generated. This is literally way below the competition. And these are high quality leads joining your list because they are interested in your offer which makes each lead a highly targeted and qualified prospect.

Let's Compare This To Our Competition

Average Cost Per Lead Using Google Adwords

$40-$50 Average Cost Per Lead

Survey Conducted By

Average Cost Per Lead Using Facebook Ads

$18.65 Average Cost Per Lead

Survey Conducted By

While It Costs $18.65 to $50 Per LEAD Using Adwords and Facebook We Only Charge You $2 Per Lead. These Are Prices That Cannot Be Beaten!

For many marketers even those who are making 5+ figures online cannot afford to spend $18.65 minimum per lead. See what you do not know about giant networks like Facebook and Google is that they set their prices high to benefit their top clients which are companies with a million dollar budget because they can afford those high lead acquisition costs. At the same time, this kills small businesses like us who can't afford those high prices hence we can never compete with big companies. Sad but true.

At $2 per lead, we are levelling the playing field for you. You can easily build your list of highly targeted leads at affordable prices knowing you are paying for leads not for traffic.

How Can We Afford To Offer These Low Prices To You?

The answer is simple: IT's MATH! See we have access to large inventory of traffic.. We specialize mainly in Business opportunity, Internet Marketing, Affiliate Marketing traffic, and anything relating to making money online.

We specialize only in this niche which allows us to only focus and become great at one thing. With a large inventory of traffic driving hundreds of thousands of visitors to our client's squeeze pages per day, we are able to dictate what traffic will convert best with which offer and we have been doing this for years.

So when we have a big budget spent on traffic each day, it allows us to buy traffic from our publishers at wholesale prices and then we pass the savings on to you.

Let Me Tell You What This Is NOT...

  • We Do Not Send You Co-Reg Leads.
  • We Do NOT Send You An Excel List Of Email Addresses.
  • We DO NOT Compensate Anyone For Opting Into Your List.
  • We Do NOT Import Email Addresses To Your Autoresponder Service.

SIMPLY PUT... We Match Your Offer With One Of Our Hundreds Of High Converting Lead Magnets, We Then Place Your Autoresponder Optin Form Code On It, Then We Start Sending Traffic To It Until You Get The Number Of Qualified Leads You Paid For...

Get Started NOW. Very Limited Time Offer

What You Get

  • Guaranteed Number Of High Quality Leads Purchased. (Expect An Over Delivery)
  • Each Lead Is Specifically Interested In Anything Relating To Affiliate Marketing, Online Business, Business Opportunity, Income Opportunities, Making Money From Home
YES! I Want Targeted LEADS